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Monday, February 21, 2011

Okay, let's just get right to it. When I found out I was pregnant, I weighed 174. Thanks to morning sickness (more like all day sickness), I was 170 at one point. But that didn't last long! At my last doctor appt before King Bent arrived I weighed in at 211. So I gained right around 40 lbs - half of what I'd lost! Boy was it rough seeing that "2" on the scale again....

Fast forward 5 wks, and I'm sitting right around 180. You can't imagine my relief when I saw that number. I was really scared that it was going to take me another 5 months to lose that weight again. I haven't been counting calories or dieting really.... baby has honestly been my number one focus. Funny how your priorites can change in an instant!

I have been attempting to make a conscious effort to make healthy choices, though they often have to be very quick to both cook and eat. Im sure lots of you moms understand. Doctor released me to work out starting Feb 28th... I'm really excited! It's gonna take effort to fit school, baby, work, home, and the gym in, but I have to be determined to make the time for it.

One thing that has helped me drop the "baby weight" so quickly is definitely breast feeding. I've read that you can burn anywhere from 300-500 calories per day producing milk - now THAT'S what I call a workout! ;) It's one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I love breastfeeding for many reasons:

•Gives me a really unique bonding time w/baby. Being able to provide for your child so fully & naturally is one of the most beautiful things a woman's body was designed to do.

•Health benefits for baby. I've read and heard that one of the many health benefits your baby receives from bf'ing is in his brain development. CLICK HERE for a complete list of all that breast feeding goodness!

•Health benefits for mommy, including but not limited to that awesome calorie burn!

I know this post is all over the place... bear with me. Im running on minimal amounts of sleep here! Ha ha

Hope you're having a great start to your week!


Yay! So glad to hear from you. Yes it surprising how easily it seems that the baby weight comes off. I tried breastfeeding but it just didn't work. Go you for do it! I weighed this morning and am at the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with my little one who is now 16 months old. Can't wait to hear more from you and about your little one!

Amelia said...

Congratulations on your new little one! You seem to be doing great with adjusting to being a new mommy, it sure does change your life! Good Luck to you :)

myshel_01 said...

Wow I've followed you on YT for a while never on your blog! I had no idea you had a baby! How exciting!

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