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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Went shopping for some back-to-work outfits... I was pregnant when I started this job, so everything I had to wear was maternity! I can prob still wear a good majority of it, but it was nice to get some pants with no elastic in the waist and some new shirts :).

I walked into the first store and just kinda stood there, staring at all the different aisles, clueless as to where to even start. I had no idea what size of ANYTHING that i would fit into. I finally just went to an area i was familiar with-plus size. I picked out some shirts in 1X and went to try them on.... and wouldn't ya know it, they were all too big! I had no idea where the "regular" sizes were so i just got a cardigan and tshirt in XL that i'd found & we headed to old navy. There, i tried on larges and had much better luck. I also got my pants there.... tried 16s, too big! :O. 14s are a little snug around the waist, but i figure my body is still changing from a home for two to room for one!

So im ready for tomorrow as far as wardrobe goes... just not in any other way. I've been so sad today because i don't want to leave my little baby boy :((. On the bright side, at least i can work out tomorrow.

*sigh* .... see you at tomorrow morning's weigh in.


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