I dont know how they do it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Moms who work out are seriously super heroes as far as im concerned (actually ALL moms are- but working-out-moms are like super SUPER heroes). With laundry, dishes, feedings, diaper changes, cleaning, snuggles, and all the other mommy duties, where is the time to work out?! I know that's such a cliche excuse, but really. When do you fit it in????

Add homework to that list and it makes for one busy super hero. Luckily bfing helps me burn some bonus calories, but i still hope i can learn how to balance everything and start exercising on the regular again.

Any tips from seasoned mamas out there? How do you fit in those fitness minutes, and what kind of exercises do you do (im thinking along the lines of fast and effective)?

Hope you're week is starting off right! If not, don't worry- tomorrow is a new day, a blank canvas, a fresh start!


PS. Tonight we're having stuffed mushrooms and ice cream :) a girls got to live a little!

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Beccy said...

Hiya, I have the same problem, trying to balance uni work, work, exercise and my daughter! Generally I'm too drained to workout after she's gone to bed. So I've started putting a fitness DVD during the day. She "joins in" and gets in the way a bit but we have a laugh at the same time. The other day I did 20 mins on the cross trainer while Dora was on and she didn't even notice haha :-D

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