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Monday, July 27, 2009

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Hey! Today I wanted to write to you guys about food... UUGGHHH!! ha. Seriously though, food is my best friend/worst enemy. And in the past it's been really hard for me to make healthy choices and especially eat in the right proportions. So, I'm focusing on one thing at a time. Right now: proportions. Eating too much, even of a good thing, can be bad. And I'm excited to tell you that last night I WON one battle in this weight loss war: I skipped having seconds at dinner, and only ate half of the lasagna that was on my plate! :)

Now, I know what you're probably thinking - lasagna :/?? I've decided that I will not refuse myself any food. If my boyfriend cooks lasagna for dinner, I'll have lasagna. No point in nibbling on grapes and making myself miserable! I think the key is not eating so much that I feel overstuffed. I've been trying to eat slower and really focus on how much I'm putting in my mouth and when I'm satisfied (not STUFFED!).

I do try to make healthier choices, however. Like.. I've been eating more salads and fruits and less fast food. And I eat at least 2 hours before bed.. and I don't snack before I go to sleep - 2 things that have been a HUGE problem for me in the past. I'm hoping the small choices and changes I make everyday will help me be successful in the end.

I'll be posting some healthy recipes for us both to try out soon.. Check back!

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Anonymous said...

I think a little bit of everything is good to have and not go overboard with things. I love lasagna, Hope you enjoy your meal! =)

Anonymous said...

Btw thanks for coming by my blog. I really look forward in getting to know you better.

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