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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heeeeey everyone :)
I'm just finishing up my 200 calorie grilled cheese sandwich that the bf made me. Yummm. Today is the highest calorie day of the week (1800), and I'm actually struggling to eat that many. When I'm seriously counting, it's hard for me to make myself eat any more than fourteen or fifteen hundred. But I really want to try this calorie cycling thing, so I'm doing my best. I think I'll also have to really try to keep my portions under control on Saturday so I don't ruin the entire week's deficit.

Tonight I went to an awards banquet for the College of Business and received a generous scholarship :). There was sooo much DELICIOUS looking food there.. but I did SUCH a great job! I had a few grapes, chunks of cantaloupe, a strawberry, and one jalapeno popper. I also might have snuck a bite of this ridiculously indulgent cheesecake - and I don't regret it! ;) But I'm really proud that I didn't over do it and that I was able to stay in control.

Tomorrow is clean house day, and then I'll be spending the rest of the weekend studying for finals!! Wish me luck! :)

you ALL!

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Danielle Rae said...

Good job only having one jalapeno popper! Those are a weakness for me. You did great!

Good luck with finals!

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