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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's a pretty starchy meal, but I loved it. It was a brown rice minute cup with soy sauce and some steamed snow peas, potatoes and red peppers. Total calorie count.... 409! :)

Alsoooo.... I've had a twitter for awhile but never used it. I'm starting to use it to post pictures/info on my meals and workouts and everything else that's going on! The most recent updates will be to the left, so even if you don't have a twitter you can still stay updated :). If you DO have a twitter account, my username is kuhrisuh!

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Sarah said...

Looks good! Just make sure you are getting your protein in there too. Sometimes if I'm eating a meal that doesn't have much protein in it, i'll have some almonds or something with it or a greek yogurt afterwards. Not sure if you've tried it, but it's really good and has quite a bit of protein so you feel full for quite awhile. It's great for me because then i'm not tempted to snack so much in the evenings.

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