60 calorie treat :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

During our most recent trip to the grocery store, the boyfriend picked out these Jello Mousse Temptations cups.
Now, let me just say, I don't really like these as they are. It's pretty much a foamy jello chocolate pudding... I think it's the texture that gets me. HOWEVER, if you freeze these bad boys, the morph into a 60 calorie cup of deliciousness.
You have to make sure that you let them freeze all the way through, but once they're frozen they taste like chocolate ice cream. No joke.

Perfect for those chocolate cravings, especially for an ice cream lover like me :).


BEE said...

oh im running out getting these and trying them asap now
thanks for the freezing tip
im pmsin can ya tell lol

midwest mommy said...

I love those frozen as well. And for 60 calories I don't have to feel bad for indulging. Win Win!!

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