If love burned calories....

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'd have lost a trillion pounds by now! I am seriously so crazy about this little boy :)))))))

No workouts since monday... its hard to get there before 5 since i get home at 230. My boyfriends mom works at the gym but leaves at 5 so i have to get there well before that and most days it just ain't ha'nin. Ha ha. I also think im suffering from separation anxiety or something.... i hate it when hes not close. I feel like after being at work for 6 hours, the last thing i should do is spend ANOTHER hour away from him, even if it is to work out... it makes me feel like a bad mom :(. Not saying that moms who workout are bad mothers at all-its just how it makes me feel. I don't want to miss a single breath, smile, cry, coo, or second that i don't have to. Has anyone else felt this way? :(

Anyway, did you guys see the weigh in this morning? I believe that's 2 lbs down... pretty good for no gym! I've been trying really hard to watch what i eat. Now, time to put in another week of honest effort... and hopefully some exercise.

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7ladybugz said...

I felt like that when my first child was born.. then came the second and third and by that time i was like WHO WANTS 'EM lol jk i wouldn't trade them for the world but I do understand what you mean!

BEE said...

omg is he tooo adorable for words


i cant believe you only weighes 6 pounds heavier 5 weeks after he was born
i am envious of you lol

i gained 70 pounds when i was pregnant and im still working it off 5 years later

you are a true inspiration

youll have to give me tips because as soon as i hit 160
im goign to try to have baby number 2

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