Zumba Zumba!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Who's tried it? That sexy, sweaty, aerobic dance/exercise class... my mom and I tried it for the first time yesterday... whew! Talk about hard! It's very fast paced, but not impossible. And it's a great workout! The hour seemed to go by so fast! We had a lot of fun :) I think I'll go again!

That class being ony the second workout I've done since Baby was born, I'm not sure how this week's weigh in will go. I'm doing fairly well food-wise, still not counting every calorie though.

What are your favorite workout classes?


spurgeontimes said...

I love Zumba Carissa!It's a fun sexy workout. You're doing great with your weight, really great you just had a baby. I hope you saw my comments on twitter. Kisses for the little one ; )

7ladybugz said...

I would love to try the Zumba workouts but they don't have them around here :(
I love to go to Aqua Fit at one of the local pools :) You never sweat cuz you are in the pool LOL

BEE said...

zumba is amazing i bought the dvds cuz i love it so much
and i do it for fun not even exercise

but its both lol

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