Have Some Honey, Honey!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There is an article today on sparkpeople.com that talks about the new findings in honey - it has some nutrients as well as antioxidants. Liza Barnes writes, "Generally, the highest levels of antioxidants come from the darkest colored honey." Honey can be used as a sweetener or in tons of different recipes.. I don't know why I don't have any! Apparently it's also really good for your skin and hair. The article does mention certain people who should AVOID honey, like those with diabetes or babies under 1 year of age. But for those of us who can, it may be beneficial to have a little honey here & there :)!

Read the full article here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it is said that honey is awesome for the skin and they say that you can put it on your face as a mask!!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh lush! I think I will try and add some honey to my diet... as long as it's not very high in WW points ;]

xo, Beth

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