Non-Scale Victory FTW!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I posted this on 3fc, but I also wanted to share it with my favorite followers in the world!! :)

So I got up this morning (uh, afternoon ) and after putting on my jeans decided I would wear the one belt that I own.

I bought this belt awhile back.. way before I started losing weight. I bought it from torrid in their size 3.. which = 47 inches from the beginning of the belt to the center hole.

When I bought it I had to wear it on the first or second hole... today when I put it on, I realized there were NO MORE HOLES LEFT. The belt is too big. I never expected that!!! I made a new hole in it, still too big. So I made another and it fits perfectly!

Here's a pic of the belt on me today in the 2nd hole, where I USED to have to wear it:

... I didn't know there was a hole in this shirt haha

Here's one of the belt on the last hole it was made with:

And here's one with me in the belt on the new hole that I made!:

wowwww. I definitely do not feel like I've shrunk that much??!! I keep making excuses, like "you were probably wearing it loose before" and "belts are made different so it looks like a bigger difference than it really is." Do you guys do that? I find myself making excuses like that ALOT about any change I see or comment somebody makes. But really, I know I just need to enjoy this.. soo



Sarah said...

What a great feeling. Congrats!

adorkable said...

wow, that is so awesome! good for you!!

i definitely make "excuses" about changes too. when people compliment me on losing weight, i always think, "they just haven't seen me in a while. they're just imagining it" or if my jeans are loose i often think "i must have stretched them out"

ultimately, the truth of the matter is that if you are putting in the effort, sooner or later you are going to get results.

take 'em baby! you deserve it!

Glam said...

That's awesome! What a great unexpected sign of progress! Keep it up.

BEE said...

that a huge difference

dont make excuses earn this

feel good you made huge changes

you should be so proud

i am proud of you
you look amazing!!!!!!

Mia said...

Wow, congrats on your beating the belt into submission ;)

I always make excuses. I haven't seen a great change in my body yet, but when I feel slimmer I always put it down to the fact I'm making the right choices rather than actual change. If I look in the mirror and think I look slimmer I *always*, without fail blame it on the mirror.

One day we'll learn to love the awesome changes we're making to our bodies :)

Anonymous said...

That's sooo awesome!!! I love when you get wake-up calls like that that really validate your hard work! Woohoo!

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