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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

B - Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal w/nonfat milk
L - PB&J and Smart Pop 100 calorie bag kettle corn

(there is actually much more in one
bag.. but I didn't let it pop long enough
on accident! whoops)

D - brown rice w/1 egg, and soy sauce

I know my meals are getting a little boring.. but I have lots of new recipes to show you when I'm able to go grocery shopping!

Calorie goal: 1,200-1,550
Today: 1,272

Carb goal: 163-236
Today: 233

Fat goal: 32-56
Today: 29

Protein goal: 60-127
Today: 46 

I still feel kinda hungry.. but I'm gonna let my rice settle and then if I'm still hungry I'll try to find a light snack...

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Anonymous said...

The popcorn looks nice ;]

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