Happy Love Your Body Day!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In honor of National Love Your Body Day, I decided to make up a list of a few reasons why I love my body, exactly as it is right now. No "ifs" or "buts" or "excepts". So...

I love my body because...

...it has arms, legs, eyes, ears, a heart, lungs, and everything else that works to keep me alive and well every day. Thank God for my health.

...of what it has been able to accomplish so far.

...it's the house for my soul, my feelings, and my thoughts.

...it can be so easily wrapped in a hug.

...it bravely protects all my insides :).

...it's mine.

I know I complain a lot about the way I see myself. But none of that right now. Today (and everyday - I'm still learning), I just want to be thankful that I have this unique, ever changing, capable body. Especially with pictures like these being plastered all over the media, it's important to remember that beautiful does not have boundaries, and no one should be able to tell us it does. Let's appreciate our bodies and give them the TLC they deserve! :)

Why do YOU love your body, exactly as it is RIGHT NOW?
xo, Carissa

To learn more about the Love Your Body campaign, visit http://loveyourbody.nowfoundation.org/.

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ashley said...

hey there! your doing great! keep up the good work! i stumbled upon your website from your link on 3FC and we are seriously working on the same exact goals i started my weight loss at 248 and my goal is 150
Ive lost 10 pounds since 9/25/09 and its nice to see someone at my same weight level succeeding and losing 25 pounds! i love your little prizes for loosing 25 pounds i might have to start doing that myself :)

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