I think I might be addicted..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

.. to Subway. Okay - I AM addicted to Subway. And I think that it has been a big help in losing weight over the past month. Just to say, here's what I get each time:

6" on 9 grain honey oat
American Cheese
honey mustard
occasionally jalapenos ;)

& ohhhh it's sooo good! I've also been playing that scrabble game they had going on.. I've gotten about a thousand letters and plenty of free drinks/cookies/chips (which I haven't eaten, woo hoo!) and then yesterday I won... a 3 month pogo.com membership! Which is cool. They have some pretty fun games..

Anywayyyy I'm hoping to get some recipes & new workouts up soon.. I need to get back into the workout habit myself. Talk to you all soon!


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