Guess what I ordered yesterday!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can't wait until they're here! I'll make sure to take pictures when they arrive! :]

Yesterday I went swimming for my workout.. 1 hr.. it didn't really feel like a workout at all. DEFINITELY what my legs needed though - a break from that elliptical! My legs feel SO much better than they usually do today.. so I think I might start swimming on Wednesdays.

EXCEPT I found out today that I wont have access to the gym or pool during winter intersession or during the summer unless I take classes during those time periods. I don't have a way to pay for classes during intersessions, so I guess I'm gonna have to figure out a way to make exe
rcise work at home. :[

I've been feeling bloated so much lately. I think it's been my whole life actually. But I wonder why? Do any of you experience it/what do you do to help it?

If you haven't tried Smart Ones frozen dinners, I suggest you do so :]. They're perfectly portioned, and perfectly delicious. One of my faves is the mini veggie pizzas.

They taste even better than they look. Only 270 cals for all 4, and each box comes with 8.

I think that's about it for now.. if I think of more later I'll edit ;].


oh yeah - the crunch (not the candy bar) challenge is over I think.. I keep forgetting to change the countdown, so I never know! I don't think I hit quite 1500, and my stomach looks exactly the same. Oh well!


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