Homemade Weights

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'll keep with the theme this week and show you guys how I get my strength training in on a budget! Rather than buying dumbells or weights or anything, I just put some of my school books in a bag (like my purse - it works because the handles are strong and long enough :]) and do sets of all sorts with them!

Seeeeee?? It's perfect! ;] (And no that's not my take-out container in the background.) BTW, I noticed that I have a few new followers... hey yall! Thank you for reading!!!

I also just realized that I need to step my crunch game up. 9 days left! Anywho, what other ways do you all stay fit on a tight budget?

xo, Carissa


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Oh I stopped exercising now cause of no time! It is awful but I am exhausted most of the time! :(

Kristina said...

Hi Carissa! Thanks for coming by my blog and for the kind comment. I have been sitting here looking at yours and I can see that you WILL def reach your goals. You remind me of my daughter (freshman in college). Fun, bright and creative. Im a follower now so Ill be by to check out what your up to! have a great day!

janette said...

Carissa you look awesome and are definitely an inspiration to follow, i just found this website could you please send me the type of diet you're following? Please send to janettespur@gmail.com thank you

sburns said...

I just try jogging outside when I'm on a budget. Luckily my new apartment has a gym membership included in the rent so I'm making sure to get my moneys worth out of that! lol

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