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Saturday, November 7, 2009

While no one has come right out and said "YOU'VE LOST WEIGHT!!!", yesterday and today I had people compliment me! :). Last night the love & I went to Jason's Deli for dinner with his mom, and while we were at the salad bar she told me how good I was looking & to keep it up. I felt so good! The second one was from a guy I go to school with - we had seen each other at the gym on Thursday and talked a bit about school and how I was trying to get healthy. Today I got a message from him on Facebook saying that I looked like I'd lost some weight! Woopeee!! Just needed to share with y'all. Love!


PS. I had some bbq chips last night. Ughhh. I'm trying to be very conscious of my thought process and what is leading to these snacking sessions...


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