Bye bye gallbladder!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yesterday and today are running together for me.. I had my surgery yesterday morning but it feels like it was this morning! I think because I've been sleeping for the majority of both days. I'm still really sore, but they gave me some pain medicine that seems to be working pretty well. My mom and sisters brought me the cards & flowers and my love has been taking such good care of me :).

Yesterday all I ate were some saltine crackers with my medicine and water... today I had a little more:

B-1/2 mini blueberry bagel, 1/2 raspberry yogurt

D-Healthy Choice potatoes & veggies side (see pics below)

Mmm :). So good!! Especially for only 100 calories for the whole thing.

My boyfriend made a good point today.. it's only gonna get better from here. So I'm focusing on that. Thank you for all your kind words & prayers! Talk to yall soon :)



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