Nutrition Report

Monday, December 28, 2009

B - Smart Ones Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich (read the review I did on it here)
L - Healthy Choice Country Breaded Chicken meal
     (I would not recommend this.. I ate the mashed potatoes and chicken & that's it, and the chicken made me feel so nauseous and weird until I finally made myself eat something for supper.)
D - Fiber One cereal w/nonfat milk (1 cup of each)

      1 mini blueberry bagel w/1 tbs crunchy peanut butter
               ^what can i say, i love breakfast!! :)


Calorie goal: 1200-1550
Today: 1020

Carbs goal: 163-236
Today: 156

Fat goal: 32-56
Today: 26

Protein goal: 60-127
Today: 51


Anonymous said...

Seems like you are doing quite well carissa! I'm so glad! Keep at it chica!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Where did you get your cal/fat/carb/protein goals? I'm interesting in doing this for myself :)

Carissa said...

thank you maggie! :)

coley.. I track everything on, and when you set up an account there it asks about your activity level and food prefences etc, then it gives you an estimated goal for all the different things you choose to track. :)

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