Weigh Day

Sunday, December 27, 2009

 current weight: 204 lbs
pounds lost this week: 4
pounds lost to date: 45

um, wow. totally unexpected, especially after a holiday. let me just say:
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I'm sure once I start working out again the loss will slow down. Which will happen next week... I can't believe there is only one week left of Christmas break :(! For whatever reason this semester starts wayyyy earlier than it did last year. Oh wellllll, at least I'll get to use the gym sooner!

My wounds are pretty much all the way healed up :)! I'm having some really bad pain in the lower part of my chest.. I talked about it with the boo & my mom and we came to the conclusion that my body is trying to get used to not having a gallbladder, so I might not be completely pain free for another couple of weeks or so. So there's the update on that.

I had a REALLY great Christmas. I hope you did too!!

PS - Yesterday Old Navy was having a sale on jeans ($15!!) so I went to try to find some as mine are getting a tiny bit too loose. Aaaannnndd... I fit into 16s!! :) I didn't end up buying any, but the fact that I fit into them was enough. I'm gettin' there!

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Kyle Gershman said...

Happy news! I hope you continue to heal comfortably. I have gallstones and I think I had an undiagnosed gallbladder attack this past summer...I hope I can keep it at bay, but unfortunately they also say that losing weight can exacerbate the condition. Keeping my fingers crossed for me and my positive thoughts for you...

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