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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sorry I missed yesterdays.. I was too sleepy to post I guess! I've decided to shorten this post to my daily menu and the stats of the 4 nutrients I focus on the most. Hopefully now it will be to-the-point and quicker for you to read & me to do! :)

B - cheerios w/milk & bananas

L - salad
D - pb&j w/a couple of bites of green beans (they tasted weird)
      10 quakers mini rice cakes, the ranch flavor

I'm doing everything I can to not eat the leftover chips & queso from our dinner last night. I had some then (it fit into my calories) and DON'T NEED ANY NOW. It's not like if I don't eat any tonight, I wont ever be able to again, right? Just gotta keep repeating these things to myself.. !

*Nutrition goals are calculated for when I'm working out 5-6 days/week. So I will be aiming for below these goals until I start again (I should be able to around Jan. 8th).
Calorie goal: 1,340-1,690
Today: 1,119

Carbs goal: 179-258
Today: 150

Fat goal: 35-62
Today: 46

Protein goal: 60-139
Today: 41

I'm planning on trying out a protein shake mix (what do you recommend?) since I never eat much meat.. and I'm working on getting my calories back up! This has been my 9th day in a row to stay within calories.. I don't know if I've done that since I started. WOOO! I'm gonna make it 10, and then 11, and then 100000000000000000000000000000000000000!! Haha.

Anywayyyy, love you all!

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Anonymous said...

I love BANANAS! I'm like a monkey! LOL Thank you for the wishes! Merry Christmas to you too my friend!

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