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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ughh.. I do NOT want to work out. But I'm going to make myself. sigh. be back to update in a bit.


Done. I couldn't find my copy of Leslie Sansone's 5 mile walk, so I just did the Biggest Loser 2 workout. I did parts of it that I've never done before... it was really hard! Most of it I couldn't even do (especially since I had just killed my muscles doing the 30 DS), so I just marched/kicked/walked in place.

I really wasn't into this workout today. But I guess the important thing is I did it. I'm gonna try to keep busy for the rest of tonight... maybe cleaning or something... just to try to burn some extra calories since my workout wasn't as intense as it could have been.

Hope you're all getting some type of exercise in.. I bet most of us regret NOT working out a lot more than we regret just doing it.. even if we're miserable the entire time!

xo, Carissa


Bowmanh23 said...

I am so proud of myself when I work out when I don't really want to. In fact, those are my best moments. Good job for pushing yourself through it!

Anonymous said...

Doing it THROUGH the misery is seriously the ultimate accomplishment. I remember a few weeks back when I went through one of Kim Kardashian's workouts (surprisingly strenuous) when i was SOOOOOOO ANTI... I lagged and dragged and moped through the entire thing - but I got through it and yeah... that's huge!

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