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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've heard people talking about the percentage of their body weight they've lost, so I decided I would see how much I've lost...


I was SO shocked! I had no idea that it was that much.. but I'm so happy! It's just another way to measure my progress :). Once I reach my goal of -100 lbs, I'll have lost a bit more than 41% of my body weight.. WOW!

I haven't been keeping measurements from the beginning, but at the end of December I did measure my calf, thigh, arm, wait, hips, and neck. I just measured again to compare, and there was either no difference or a very, very small one (I'm talking like half of an inch). So that's kind of a bummer, but I keep reminding myself that I can't fail if I don't quit. Someone posted that saying on 3fc and I really like it! I printed it out to hang up on the fridge:

What sayings or quotes do you use to keep yourself motivated?? And have you checked out the % of your body weight you've lost? That could be motivation in itself!

xo, Carissa


Congrats on 20% After 1.5 months 'doin this thang' called weight loss I have lost 8.03% Not bad I suppose. And the sayings that keep me motivated are 'You can't use the exact same formula to get results you've never gotten.' & 'failure is not falling down. Failure is refusing to get back up'

carla said...


and me?

Im a "worrying is praying for what I do not want" gurl.

it keeps me centered and positive.


BEE said...

wow that amazing
i decided to check it out to
it said 31% i honestly never knew that
im as shocked as you right now
your doing great keep it up

Meg said...

Congrats!! That's awesome progress! I had to check mine too, lol. Over Two weeks, I lost 3.5%! That was definitely inspiring.

Tania said...

20% congratulations!!! That's awesome. I'm only at about 5% now, but hey it's still progress. And I love that saying! I think I'll print that out too and put it on my fridge. :-)

6.03% WOOHOOO!!! And go you with your 20% that's AMAZING!!!!

One of my fav quotes is:

"Four months from now what will you look like if you quit and what will you look like if you keep going? Four months is going to happen no matter what. What will beYOUR CHOICE? "

Great job, Carissa. You should be mighty proud of yourself!

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