Sunday, February 7, 2010

I've challenged myself to complete 300 minutes per week of exercise. That's 1 hour per day, Sunday - Thursday. I feel like it's a realistic goal; it's what I was doing before my surgery and I'll still have Saturday off to relax! And what about Friday, you ask? Well, on another blog I follow the author does 1 minute of exercise for every comment left. So, from now on, for every comment I get I'll do 1 minute of exercise on Friday. So it's kinda up to you to get me in shape, too ;) ha ha. I'll put up a counter somewhere on my blog so everyone can see how many minutes have been added so far and I'll restart it every Friday. I'll also start reporting what exercise I did for the day on my nutrition reports.. so look out for that.

What are your fitness goals & what's your plan to reach them?

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emily said...

I am inspired by your commitment of 300 minutes per week. (seems like a lot when you think of it in minutes). Anyway.. here's my fitness goal.. I will do some sort of ab video (10-15 min) everyday for the rest of feb.

I'm nervous already for this goal, but it will really challenge me because I've always been too much of a coward to really work my abs hard. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes (If for no other reason, to get you some minutes for fridays :)

Carlee said...

You're such an inspiration! I started my own blog and modeled it like yours..I hope you don't mind..if you do..lemme know I'll change it right quick :P

I'm using it as my motivation..since now I'm accountable for my actions to the whole world...lol

<3 Carlee aka CarleeRachelle(<-recipe post)

BEE said...

i do an hour everday
5-6 days a week
and i am starting to love exercise
weird huh

you are doing great
keep it up

BEE said...

so if i just keeo commenting you
you have to exercise more
is that what your sayin

BEE said...

well i am gonna comment ya everyday now

BEE said...

watch out lol

BEE said...

thats an awesome goal to set though cuz ya do get lots of comments a day

Grace said...

You can do it!!!
I love your blog, would you like to exchange links?


Anonymous said...

I have no plan to reach my goal! Just try to motivate myself and hopefully not be too exhausted by work and not have time to work out! :::::::)

Nikki said...


Nikki said...


Nikki said...

A Great

Nikki said...

Idea! Good Luck!

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