Oh, the irony

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You know how Subway's main advertising theme is the fresh fit subs, and how Jared's always telling us how he lost weight eating there? Weeelllll the boo & I went to Subway for lunch today, and check out what I saw at the register:
Uh, yeah, ONE WILL HURT! At least me anyway, ha ha. Just found it kind of ironic that they advertise being a healthy option, but once you're there they try to convince you to buy all the unhealthy things too! Ah well... I still love my 6 inch subs.


Tricia said...

so silly. They do everything they can to get you to buy the soda/cookies/chips. Either way Subway is my "go to" for eating out. Veggie on wheat, yum!

nng2009 said...

Oh my gosh! Everytime we go to Subway, my boyfriend buys the dark cookies...and they tast soooooooooo good..it's so hard to say no when he buys them.

Anonymous said...

Man, those cookies are killers! lol Sooo damn delicious! haha!

Coley said...

Ughhh - I can't believe it said that - that makes me so mad! One will totally hurt me, it will give me the taste for it - it will raise my bloodsugar enough that when it dips later it will drive me nuts and put me on a mission for more - because that's my addiction. BAH HUMBUG!

Good find, though. I would have rolled my eyes at that (and possibly bought two instead of one)

The Mrs. said...

LOL! I have seen the cookies ther a million times, but never read the words below. that is awesome! :) I heart subway!

Tania said...

I love those cookies! We went to subway the other day and I was figuring out how many calories would be in what I eat and those cookies...200+ calories a piece. Needless to say I didn't get a cookie. But man, those babies are good!

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