12 Days of Powerfoods - Day 3

Sunday, August 16, 2009

*Spinach and Other Green Veggies*
Powers: Neutralizing molecules that accelerate the aging process
Weapons: Vitamins including A, C, and K; folate; beta-carotene; minerals including calcium and magnesium; fiber
Fight against: Cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis
Sidekicks: Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts; green, yellow, red, and orange vegetables such as asparagus, peppers, and yellow beans
Posers: None, as long as you don't fry them or smother them in fatty cheese sauces (Example: Spinach pizza, my fave! Haha).

Broccoli is high in fiber and more
densely packed with vitamins and
minerals than almost any other food.

Tip to try: If you hate most vegetables like me, this site suggests "hiding" them:
Puree them and add them to marinara sauce or chili. The more you chop, the less you taste, and the easier it is for your body to absorb nutrients. With broccoli, sauté it in garlic and olive oil, and douse it with hot sauce.

How I ate it today: I will ATTEMPT to eat some broccoli.. ha. I'm gonna trying chopping it up into some rice with onions and a bit of soy sauce.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27054206/ns/today-today_health/?pg=4#TDY_MH_12PowerFoods

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jo said...

I have a very difficult time with any cruciferous vegetable. I can't gag broccoli! I can do raw spinach, though.

I have a Vita-Mix and I'm afraid to do blend them up into a puree. I need to get over that fear!

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