The Workout Blues

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

So I've been working out everyday in August. (Well except for the 1st. But anyway.) I've only been working out for 30 minutes a day. I feel good to have at least worked out, but I'm worried doing only 30 minutes will prevent me from losing weight. :/ And I've been stressing alot more about what I'm eating, which could be both good and bad. Idk. Trying to stay positive..

The boyfriend and I are going grocery shopping tonight :). I'm excited to get some healthier stuff! Also, school starts on the 24th. My financial aid still hasn't gone through, so I don't have my books or tuition completely paid for. Hopefully they HURRY UP!. I'm excited about starting though! :)

I put a new ticker up at the top of my blog.. 8 more lbs to go until I reach my goal of 15 by the end of Aug.! I know the first 10 lbs will probably be water weight and come off rather quickly, but it still feels goooood. I can't wait until I pass the 20 and 30 pound marks.. so I can hopefully start seeing a difference.

I notice I have some new followers.. THANK YOU! Hopefully we can help each other and just have a good time :)!



Despite of my Negative Nancy mood, today has turned out to be a wonderful day! I got one of my scholarship checks in the mail and ended up finding all but one of my workbooks for school on & ended up saving $300!! So now we'll REALLY get to go grocery shopping AND I'll be able to get my parking permit tomorrow AND I will finally have all my books (from one source or another)! AND I picked up a sandwich from Subway & it tastes delicious! God is good!


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