Preventing Water Weight

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water retention is pretty common - especially in women. I've been reading up on this a bit today and wanted to share with you some ways I discovered to prevent retaining water, as well as ways to get that excess water weight OFF!

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-Drink more water [check]

-Reduce amount of salt intake [not-so-check]

-Exercise.. to sweat! [check]

-Potassium can help your body to avoid storing excess water. Good source of potassium? Bananas. [Didn't know this, but I'll be buying some bananas! ;)]

-Carbs can also leave you feeling bloated and puffy.. so reducing your carbohydrate intake even for one day can have a noticeable effect. [Wasn't aware of this either.. I'll give it a try!]

-Lack of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables is a common cause of water retention, so get your fresh F's & V's! [fruits - check, veggies - uncheck]

-Low calorie diets, when followed for an extended period of time, can cause water retention. One reason is because low-cal diets are usually absent of protein and fiber. [Protein and fiber are both big problems for me (I don't really eat meat). I know that nuts are a good source of protein.. & I've recently discovered chia seeds to be a good way to get fiber. How else do you guys get your daily fiber and protein??]

Hope this helped!
xo, BeeBee

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Lee said...

Great post! I up the fiber in my diet by adding ground flax seed to oatmeal and Greek yogurt. I also take a Metamucil capsule and eat fresh fruit in addition to dried plums. Soon it will be apple season.

Anonymous said...

wow! that banana fact is awesome! i actually have been trying to get some extra calories in - and i have added a banana in before my work out (sweat!), last week i lost around 3lbs after being stuck like a tortoise, maybe this is why!??! i was feeling guilty too b/c i had a very salty lunch today (even though low calories) so i have been chugging water all day - i'm hoping the banana i'm having after work will help, i am going to be sure and keep this up!

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