52 Card Workout

Friday, August 7, 2009

I got this workout from last season's Biggest Loser.. :) What you do is assign a workout for each suit and when you draw a card, the suit tells you what exercise to do and the number tells you how many reps to complete. For example:

- pushups
- squats
- crunches
- minutes running in place

Shuffle the cards and draw one; let's say you draw the 5 of hearts. You'll do 5 crunches, then draw again, and so forth. Of course, you can assign whatever type of exercise you'd like to each suit. Try getting through a whole deck!!

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Anonymous said...


That is quiete interesting! Thanks for sharing the tip!!

MackAttack said...

Ohhh this looks like a great idea! I'm totally going to try it!

conner.ash said...

I love this idea. I'll have to play this with hubby! As a challenge!

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